Cleveland is a city of 13,841 people approximately within the city limits. However, the city is bordered by many new suburban developments which contribute to the Cleveland economy. Based on a 2-mile radius from the center of Cleveland, the total population is approximately 16,532. Bolivar County has a current population of 38,397 with future projections increasing. Cleveland has been recognized as “one of the best small towns in America.”

Cleveland is the main County Seat(Bolivar County Government -  Cleveland is protected by a volunteer fire department (Cleveland Volunteer Fire Department) which consists of three (3) fire stations. The department was established in 1920 and is rated Class 6, which is the first in the state to receive such a rating with an all volunteer operation. Cleveland is provided with a full service police department.

For more information, contact the Cleveland/Bolivar County Chamber of Commerce - 662-843-2712 or check out the following links.
Cleveland Tourism Council -

“Cleveland has maintained an excellent business climate with a good mix of manufacturing, service, agriculture, and retail businesses. Cleveland’s school system is a County School System. It is among the strongest and most progressive public school systems in the region. Hayes-Cooper Center is located in the district and was one of the first Magnet Schools in the nation. In addition, Cleveland has two private schools which are fully accredited as well.
For more Information, Cleveland School District; Bayou Academy -; and Presbyterian Day School - 662-843-8698

One of the principal contributors to Cleveland’s economy is Delta State University. It is the center of large meetings of Delta organizations, such as, The Delta Council, because of its Coliseum, auditoriums, and the new Performing Arts Center. Cleveland exhibits that “college town” atmosphere which enhances the quality of life in Cleveland with its athletic events, stage productions, golf course, tennis courts, large library, and concert events. and

Cleveland and Bolivar County offer a number of recreational opportunities including public parks located throughout the city consisting of ballfields, tennis courts, swimming or wading pools, and a pond. The Cleveland Park Commission operates and offers a number of sports activities throughout the year.  Local attractions include Ferriss Baseball Museum (662-843-4780), Mar-Ke Lanes (bowling), Spinners (Skating), and Dockery Farms. 

Other recreational facilities in Cleveland include swimming pools, golf courses, a country club, and numerous activities provided in coordination with Delta State University. Cleveland is home to a number of events. Three of the largest events include the Italian Festival, Crosstie Arts Festival, and Octoberfest. 

Cleveland is also home to a wide variety of restaurants ranging from fast food, casual, and fine dining. Some of the most popular establishments include Crave, Back Yard Burgers, The Warehouse, Hey Joe's, Airport Grocery, A la Carte, Papa Rocs, Mississippi Grounds, and Backdraft.  Cleveland's pearl is our Downtown area which offers dining and specialty shops to please anyone's needs such as Abraham's men's store, Cleveland Commons, Britt Jewelry, Heidi's, Cotton Row Books, Hallmark, Clark Jewelry, Neysa's Fireside Shop, Punkin Patch, Flowers-n-Things, and The Sweetery to name a few.

For more information check out:

In addition, the surrounding areas of Cleveland offer dining and shopping options.  These include McCarty's Pottery and Crawdads in Merigold, Lost Pizza in Renova, Bellazars and Catfish Cabin in Boyle, Blue Levee Restaurant in Rosedale, and Peter's Pottery in Mound Bayou to name a few.  

The Mississippi River borders the county along the west side of the county. One the largest recreational features of Bolivar County is hunting. All types of hunting are available within the area including duck, quail, dove, turkey, and deer. Rosedale is home to The Great River Road State Park. Bolivar County offers seven lakes filled with a variety of fish including bass, crappie, and catfish. 

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